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James McCarthy will be back for Dublin in 2023 and is ‘delighted’ Dessie Farrell will return too

    James McCarthy will be back for Dublin in 2023

    Photo: Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

    Dublin star James McCarthy has confirmed that he will throw his lot in with the Dubs again in 2023 and welcomed the news that Dessie Farrell will be at the helm once more.

    McCarthy, who has won a record-equalling eight All-Ireland Senior Football Championship medals, is set to return for a 14th season with Dublin after making his debut back in 2010 under Pat Gilroy. And he insists he has some “unfinished business”.

    “I’m definitely planning on going back next season,” he said. “I think there is a bit of unfinished business still. I’m still enjoying my football, albeit it, I had too many injuries this year, but I’m still really enjoying the training and the competing and playing the games. You’ll be finished long enough, so I’ll try to get another year or two out of it if I can, that would be great.”

    The 32-year-old also welcomed the news that Farrell would be at the helm once more after speculation that he was set to move on.

    “First of all, our group is delighted Dessie is staying on. He’s been a great manager and coach and driving them on and he has a lot of experience with the group from managing them at underage and stuff. So there is that continuity and keep trying to build on what we are doing. Obviously, we are not happy with how last season went, but I think we are building and I think we will be having a good shot at a title next year – as (good) as any other team in the country.

    “So it is trying to continue what we are doing and blood more players if we can and make sure the Lee Gannons and Lorcan O’Dells get better and better each year. Fellas like myself should be trying to get better as well, there shouldn’t be a limit on what age you are where you can’t improve as a player.”